Game Builds – Finally!

With all the things in place and how I want them, it’s time to finally make a build of the game. The process is actually really simple, I just had to go to File>Build Settings:


Then, I clicked “Add Open Scenes” which added the scene to the Build, then for the platform I picked “PC, Mac & Linux Standalone” and then I picked Windows (I also did a Mac version afterwards as that’s what we’ll be using in the exhibition next week) and then clicked Build and Run. After selecting a directory, Unity creates a build file and then you can play the game from an executable file.


I’ve done this a few times with slight tweaks in the past week, but now I’m happy with the version I submitted, and I’m pretty proud of what I did in this semester. Below are download links to the builds and the Mirror Men Shared Blog:

PC –

Mac –

Shared Blog –

The Unity Project Folder can be found on the memory stick with my submission.


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